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About me

Though I have never had any traditional art instruction, I firmly believe in the philosophy of the well-known TV Artist Bob Ross who once said, "Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything you're willing to practice, you can do." It was his words that inspired me, and after years of hard work and daily practice, I've finally found a unique style of my own.

I, of course, have to thank my friends and family who have always supported my love of art. Without their words of encouragement, advice, and honest critiques of my work, I never would have made it into the New Hampshire Association of Artists or have the courage to show my work in a gallery. A little help truly does go a long way.

I paint whatever moves me, so my subjects and studies come in all shapes and sizes, from more traditional landscapes and animal portraits to brightly colored skulls and fantasy potions. While I focus most of my time on acrylic paintings, I will occasionally dabble in other media such as pen and ink or even printmaking. An artist's work is never finished. There is always something new to learn or ways to improve, and I am very excited to see where my creative journey will take me next! 

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